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Introduction to the function of Chongqing advertising light box
- 2019-04-16-

Chongqing advertising light boxes are widely used in hotels, shopping malls, gas stations, airports, railway stations, subway stations, etc. Advertising light boxes are everywhere. Lightbox advertising has become an important means for Chinese and foreign companies, organizations, publicity images, brand displays, etc. to attract the public. It often appears in a variety of public places. Advertising light boxes are actually a complement to print ads. The advertising screen is more attractive through LED lights. Among dozens of advertising light boxes, there are usually ultra-thin light boxes, plastic light boxes, crystal light boxes, laboratory light boxes and the like. With the development of the industry, the accuracy of advertising light boxes continues to increase. In addition to commercial advertising, advertising light boxes have also been widely used. Corporate interior renovation or home interior renovation. The design style of advertising light boxes is changing with each passing day. With the continuous development and innovation of light box manufacturers in the future, the style of advertising light boxes is no longer just flat, and the increase of diversified functions will become the mainstream of future advertising light box design, such as digital technology, programmable remote control of advertising light boxes. High-voltage box lighting, etc.

The function of the Chongqing advertising light box is to transmit information to people in outdoor and remote areas through natural light (daytime) and auxiliary light (night). The far-sighted effect of advertising works is very strong, which is conducive to the fast, efficient and busy people in modern society. The exhibitions come in a variety of formats, with text and color functions, from product trademarks, brand names, physical photos, colors, commercial intent to culture, economy, customs, beliefs and concepts. Through the concept and unique creativity, we firmly grasp the "ring" that induces consumers' desire to purchase, and realize the purpose of advertising through the heterogeneity of visual communication. Regardless of the type of light box used, it is necessary to fix its position within a certain range. As a semi-permanent display device, its basic structure is more complicated than other forms of advertising. Including frames, face materials, patterned print layers, windproof, rain and snow structures, night lighting facilities, etc., make the cost of a single advertisement higher than other types of advertising.

Usually, the Chongqing advertising light box is made of two layers of PVC and a middle mesh cloth, which can be divided into thickness, mesh size and surface smoothness. If you do not need the tension of the canvas, it is recommended to choose a large mesh and thin mesh canvas. This is because the light box has a small area and the canvas has good light transmission under the same light source condition. Next is the transparent plate of the substrate. Plexiglass panels and sun panels are generally used. The sun panel is a tubular hollow panel. As a light box material, these two materials have significant advantages. The PMMA plate has better stiffness in any direction, while the sun plate has better stiffness in the longitudinal direction, but the transparency of the sun plate is more uniform. Especially as an arched light box, the advantages of the sun panel are more prominent. The selection and effect of outdoor advertising light boxes The outdoor advertising light boxes are used as the carrier of advertisements. The advantage is that the advertising content can be displayed to people through the lighting effects at night. In the night, the light of the light box contrasts with the night, giving a warm and safe feeling, especially the color design of the screen gives a new feeling through the printing of the lighting effect, enriching the content of the advertisement. However, the choice of material and the shape of the light box will also affect the lighting effect.

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