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Main technical analysis of Chongqing Ultra-thin Light box
- 2019-03-21-

Chongqing Ultra-thin Light boxIs characterized by small size, small thickness, very suitable for shopping malls and stores, it has a good display effect, it uses energy-saving LED light box, to achieve energy saving and environmental protection, for merchants, is a good choice of advertising light box.

Chongqing Ultra-thin light box is also known as the side Guide plate ultra-thin lighting box or backlight energy-saving lighting box, is a set of optical guide technology and digital printing engraving technology in one of the high-tech light box products. It uses ordinary T4/T5 fluorescent tube, LED lamp rod or EEFL infinity Energy-saving lamp as the light source, and uses a variety of frame materials to make a new type of multi-function light box, using 220 volts or online. The visual performance object with luminescent effect is realized by using 12 kv transformer to connect 220 volts of electricity. Ultra-thin light box is a high-tech product that combines photoconductive technology with digital printing technology. It uses ordinary fluorescent tubes or LEDS as a light source, and uses a variety of frame materials to make a new multifunctional advertising lighting box. Ultra-thin light box is a new type of light box with rapid development. The use of unique light guide technology, ordinary fluorescent tubes or LEDS as a light source. It has the characteristics of thin, bright, uniform and economical. It is ultra-thin, stylish, energy-saving, uniform lighting and comfortable, simple installation and maintenance and other advantages in one, suitable for any commercial location. Shapes include single-sided cards, double-sided cards, arc cards, and logos.

The main technology of Chongqing ultra-thin light box is the light guide plate. Simply put, the light grade acrylic board on the high reflectivity, no light absorption of the material, at the bottom of the guide plate with a laser engraving machine to hit the circular or square diffuse point. When light shines from the side to the diffuse point, the reflected light spreads to all angles, then destroys the reflection condition and emits it from the front of the guide plate, taking advantage of various sparse degrees. Diffusion points of different densities and sizes allow the light guide plate to glow evenly and convert the lateral optical to "surface" light. The light exposed to the bottom surface improves the utilization efficiency of the light by increasing the reflection plate reflection back guide plate. Ultra-thin light guide plate light box is widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, chain stores, restaurants, airports, docks, subways, stations, wedding photography sheds, exhibition engineering and other industries. What should I pay attention to when installing or repairing the Light guide plate ultra-thin light box? We must pay attention to the light guide plate should not be damaged. In the process of transporting the light guide plate, special care should be taken to avoid the fracture of the Light guide plate.

Chongqing Ultra-thin light box thickness can be controlled at 2-3 cm, because it is equipped with high-density materials-nano-light guide plate. This light guide plate only needs a small amount of light, so that the entire plate of the luminous surface is uniform, do not need too high brightness. Generally speaking, the LED soft light strips visible on the market can be used. Combined with the structure principle of LED lamp and light guide plate, ultra-thin lighting box is not only superior to the traditional light box in thickness, but also has very little power consumption due to the use of energy-saving and environment-friendly LED as the lighting source. A 100x80cm ultra-thin light box consumes only a 25W bulb. Light box specifications have a uniform specifications, can also be customized according to business needs, uniform specifications of ultra-thin lighting box, so that manufacturers can store a certain amount of inventory, for customers time is very valuable, if the customer has this demand, and do not want to delay too long waiting time, then before that, there is a unified specification of the light box inventory, The efficiency of delivery has been greatly improved. Late after-sales service provides a guarantee of superiority.


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