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Principle and function of Chongqing rolling light box
- 2019-04-11-

   Chongqing Rolling Light BoxIs characterized by the possibility of rolling display, for the display of goods can be more comprehensive, not only that, it can also be used for the use of the Community newspaper, its use is very important in the advertising industry, but also the light box products are very popular one.

Chongqing Rolling Light box is also known as the change of picture light box, the principle is to use a set of digital rolling system, animation plane interval rotation, to achieve the installation of a number of pictures in the light box effect, with timing control lighting device, some with LED electronic display, can be used to release public welfare information or increase visual appeal. Dimensions can be made according to customer requirements for the material, color and style of the light box housing, aluminum alloy, steel spray or stainless steel housing color is metal primary or black. The manufacturing process of the light box can also be changed according to customer requirements. Digital rolling systems and lighting systems are installed in boxes made of cold-rolled plates and stainless steel. Because of the requirements of the digital rolling system and the internal circuit system for waterproof and dustproof environment, the sealing and ventilation of the box must be considered synthetically, so the box system is made. The cost is slightly more expensive than the ordinary light box. In addition, China's north and south temperature difference changes greatly, different regions need to carry out different configurations of the internal rolling system and lighting system. Rolling light boxes installed and used in large areas or coastal areas need to consider the prevention and intensity of typhoons. It is therefore necessary to consider increasing the intensity of the internal framework structure to ensure security.

Chongqing Rolling Light box has the function of convenient and serving the masses. The new multi-screen rolling light box newspaper reading column is an important cultural facility of the city, and also an important part of the mass cultural life. The setting of newspaper reading column generally has a certain scale. Its presence allows people to read newspapers freely at any time, anywhere, on the streets of Gates and squares. Understanding all kinds of new economic life information provides great convenience and is loved by the masses and becomes an important place for readers to gather. The new multi-screen rolling light box newspaper reading column has the function of improving the advertisement effect. By further expanding the audience of newspapers and advertisements, the new multi-screen rolling light box newspaper reading column makes the news content and newspaper advertisement break through the limitation of the traditional media, further extend and improve the advertising effect with the new propaganda mode, so as to realize the advertisement propaganda. The purpose of the more Dahua effect is to encourage advertisers to increase their investment in newspaper advertising.

Chongqing Rolling Light Box has a wide range of application prospects. Basically, a frame structure with a thickness greater than 8cm can be installed. Public bus kiosks, signage, rolling light boxes, solar light boxes, advertising bins, newspaper Kanban can be installed. The Advertising light box equipped with rolling system has become the first choice of many advertising media companies because of its high technical content, novel display form, good lighting effect and high space utilization rate. Rolling light box screen switch smooth, lubrication, silence, in line with the current advocacy of environmental protection concept, at the same time with a new generation of media mobility, more visual impact, for people to bring a high-end, atmospheric, aesthetic modern art atmosphere. In the future, the market share of rolling light boxes is still very large, which puts forward higher requirements for rolling systems. Over the next few years, it was also an opportunity for a good business to emerge. In short, opportunities and challenges coexist.


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