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The core technology of Chongqing rolling Light box
- 2019-05-07-

Chongqing Rolling Light box is a very common type of advertising light box, its characteristics are that it can be rotated display, which is the general light box does not reach the effect, for the merchant, the display effect is very important, choose a suitable light box can bring better help to the marketing.

Chongqing Rolling Light box is also known as the Change of painting light box. The principle is to use a set of digital rolling system to drive picture interval rotation, to install more than one picture in the light box effect. Some are equipped with timing control lighting devices, some equipped with LED electronic display, post public welfare information or increase visual appeal. Multi-screen rolling light box reading column has the function of convenient and serving the public. New multi-screen rolling light box newspaper reading Bar is an important cultural facility of the city and an important part of the cultural life of the masses. Newspaper reading columns are usually of a certain size. Its presence provides great convenience for the public to read the doors and newspapers on the streets of the square free of charge at any time and in any place, as well as to learn about the various new economic life information. As a result, it is popular with the public and is an important place for readers to gather.

The core technology of the light box is a set of digital rolling system installed on the light box. Using single-chip microcomputer or digital signal processor to control two integrated mechanical limit device brushless motor, with a variety of picture materials, to achieve multi-screen effect. In recent years, with the continuous improvement and maturity of technology, the stability and reliability of products have been greatly improved, fully adapted to a variety of harsh outdoor environment. Including lamps, rolling systems, Time control switches, wires, etc., the rolling system is the lifeline of the rolling light box. It is very important to choose a good rolling system. Because it affects the investment promotion and maintenance costs of rolling light boxes. So we have to choose a high stability rolling system. At present, the price of rolling system in rolling industry varies. The quality of the lamp Time control switch is different. They are all national standards. At present, rolling light boxes and systems are relatively chaotic in the industry. Because of the competition. The price is determined by the material selected for the Rolling light box.

Chongqing Rolling Light box size can be made from materials, colors and styles according to customer requirements. The lamp shell is made of aluminum alloy and steel plate sprayed with plastic or stainless steel. The lamp shell is made of one metal or black gold. The manufacturing process of the rolling light box can also change the material, color and style of the shell according to the customer's requirements. Digital rolling and lighting systems are installed in boxes made of cold-rolled steel, stainless steel and other materials. Because of the requirements of the digital rolling system and the internal circuit system for waterproof and dustproof environment, it is necessary to consider the sealing and ventilation of the box, so the manufacturing cost of the box is slightly higher than that of the ordinary light box. In addition, the temperature difference between southern and northern China varies greatly. As a result, different areas also require different configurations of internal rolling systems and lighting systems. Typhoon protection and strength also need to be considered for rolling light boxes with a slightly larger area or installed in coastal areas. It was therefore necessary to consider increasing the intensity of its internal framework structure in order to ensure security.


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