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Chongqing Kabu light box production thickness
- 2019-03-26-

With the rapid development of technology and technological innovation in the advertising industry, the development of Chongqing Kabu Lightbox in recent years can be greatly improved in technology. The production of various light boxes gives advertisers more choices. However, in modern consumer concepts that are both trend-oriented and economical, cabinet light boxes are favored by most consumers. The cabinet itself has the characteristics of high grade, beautiful day and night, and has strong visual impact. The lamp holder is made of high quality aluminum alloy. If the picture is too large, the light box can be displayed in multiple combinations. The cabinet light box is similar to the light box. It can also be seen as a special light box. Unlike the light box, the canvas of the cabinet light box is glued to the slot of the light box frame. Most of the light boxes in Kabul are printed with high-quality soft film UV film cameras, and some light boxes are made of pearl cloth or other inner light cloth.

The thickness of the Chongqing card light box will be determined according to the specifications of the light box and the number of light-emitting surfaces of the light box. Double-sided light boxes and large-sized light boxes are thicker. The thickness of the flexible cabinet light box ranges from 4 cm to 6 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm and 12 cm. Regarding the screen effect of the soft film light box, the customer mostly reflects the difference between the two states of light and non-light. When the light is off, the color of the film image becomes darker and the display darkens. This is very different from the high definition and high brightness effects we describe. This is not a quality issue with the light box. The film card light box can only display its characteristics when illuminated by LED lights. They are born with one. Correct. Kabul series light boxes can be used for doorlights, hotel outlets, shopping malls, outdoor light boxes, brand self-use image display light boxes. It is simple to install, eliminating the hassle of manufacturing steel and stainless steel in the past. The edges of the light boxes are made of aluminum and can be divided into 2.5 cm, 4 cm, 6 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm profiles. Diffuse energy-saving lamps can also be combined according to the size of the light box, the rhythm is even, the service life of the light box can reach 30,000 hours (about 50 watts per square meter of light box). The UV screen can be used for outdoor UV protection and durable fading.

In recent years, Chongqing Kabu Lightbox has been widely used in advertising, door advertising, large-scale shopping malls, subway stations, railway stations, exterior walls, corridors and other media for its stylish, beautiful and vivid advertising effects. Why is the cabinet so popular in the advertising industry? Three-dimensional vivid effect: Kabul light box adopts soft film ultraviolet technology, its color is uniform, bright and three-dimensional realistic. Very three-dimensional effects can vividly display the content of the picture. The effect is good, energy saving: the light board of the cabinet light box adopts LED light bar. The overall brightness of the light box is uniform, no stroboscopic, no partial dark light, and the lamps are not coordinated. Soft film canvas combined with LEDs makes the picture more realistic. Compared with traditional light sources, LED lamps have better energy saving effects. The advertising effect has long been “maintained new”: the soft film canvas has anti-aging function, which makes the picture effect durable and durable. The aluminum alloy frame is rust-proof, and the LED light source has the characteristics of energy saving and long life. Fully guarantee the brightness and brand newness of the light box.


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