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Basic characteristics and characteristics of Chongqing Kabu light box
- 2019-04-23-

Chongqing Kabu Lightbox can be said to be very good in many advertising light boxes. The light box has a good display effect and has good energy-saving features. It is widely used indoors and outdoors. Therefore, many advertisers have been obtained. The favor, for their propaganda to provide a good help.

Chongqing Kabu light box can be used for doors, hotel outlets, shopping mall advertising space, outdoor light boxes, brand self-use image display light boxes. It is simple to install, eliminating the hassle of manufacturing steel and stainless steel in the past. The edges of the light boxes are made of aluminum and can be divided into 2.5 cm, 4 cm, 6 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm profiles. Diffuse energy-saving lamps can also be combined according to the size of the light box, the rhythm is even, the service life of the light box can reach 30,000 hours (about 50 watts per square meter of light box). The UV screen can be used for outdoor UV protection and durable fading. Although the cabinet light box is similar to the traditional light box, it can also be regarded as a special light box, but unlike the light box, the canvas of the cabinet light box is stuck in the groove of the light box frame. The light boxes in the laboratory are usually hung on one side of the wall, but the card light boxes can be hung in the air, with a large double-sided display, independent support, and to a large extent from all aspects.

The characteristics of Chongqing Kabu Lightbox are very fashionable and very functional. The vivid picture makes our ads look different. This is why it has a lot of market acceptance. For example, in supermarkets, subway stations, airports or some specialty stores, we can see that many companies are using this cabinet. Now Kabul light box has another feature, it has a long service life, because it uses aluminum alloy material, so the anti-aging function is very good, and the structural strength is also very good, it has a strong competition in some large light box advertising planning. Force, and its structure is also ultra-thin side-pack structure, so our advertising screen is more and more vivid. Add features. The current and future are environmentally friendly societies, so the huge advantages of energy-saving cabinets have also been recognized by the mall. The power consumption per square meter of cabinet is only about 50 watts, so it plays a very good role, very environmentally friendly, and will become an important demand for future shopping malls.

The card cloth light box soft film spray canvas has uniform color, bright color, smooth and brushless, and the picture is delicate and real. The 3D effect can vividly display the contents of the canvas. It has the visual impact of Hollywood 3D movies, achieving a virtual visual effect. The bottom box of the light box is lined with uniform, fine LED lights. The lighting effect of the whole light box is high and uniform, no stroboscopic, no partial dark light, and the illumination is inconsistent. The soft film spray canvas is more realistic under the illumination of the LED light source. The energy saving effect of the LED lamp is 80% higher than that of the conventional EEFL light source, which has both energy saving effect and energy saving effect. There are silicone edges around the soft film spray canvas. When installed, the edge of the silicone can be inserted into the groove of the aluminum alloy. If the corporate brand wants to promote new products or new products, just replace a soft film spray varnish and the light box can be recycled. If you look at the light box directly from the front, you will have the illusion that the canvas is directly attached to the wall. Because the light box has no envelopes, the bottom box is very thin and the entire cabinet and wall are perfectly combined. The design effect is stylish and vivid.


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