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Chongqing advertising light box features and areas of use
- 2019-04-18-

    Chongqing advertising light box is a good form of commercial and advertising. In life, light box advertising is very common. It has eye-catching features, and it is used in subway stations, commercial streets and building exteriors. Their use Speed up the circulation of goods.

Chongqing advertising light boxes are widely used in wedding photography, home decoration, advertising exhibitions, exhibition projects, event displays, parks, roads, streets, commercial centers, shopping malls, banks, hotels and other wall decoration publicity, airports, subways, stations and other transportation areas. It is very popular in the market. The lamp is usually used in a light box, preferably a PC board. This material can withstand temperatures up to 145 degrees and temperatures as low as -45 degrees. The ordinary people use fluorescent lighting, so they look beautiful from the outside; according to the classification of materials, they can be divided into: ultra-thin light boxes, plastic light boxes, rolling light boxes, light pole light boxes, crystal light boxes, photoelectric light boxes, laboratory light boxes, plastic light boxes, Shaped light box B. Cattle, lacquer light box, electronic light box, EL light box, LED light box, acrylic light box, aluminum light box, aluminum light box. Light boxes, FRP light boxes, stainless steel light boxes, light guide light boxes, etc. can be divided into: street sign light boxes, bank light boxes, optometry light boxes, color light boxes, advertising light boxes, sign light boxes, etc. New light box classification: mirror light box, induction light box, changing light box, Ying Li. Light boxes, slide boxes, solar light boxes, magnetic levitation light boxes, EEFL light boxes, etc.

Chongqing advertising light boxes can attract people's attention and make people stop to watch. It is a successful advertisement. On the contrary, no fee is a failure. You know, modern people's life is getting faster and faster, and they can say "come and go, and rush." It's hard to grab people's eyes in seconds. Outdoor advertising is a feature of three-second art, which determines that it must emphasize attraction. Outdoor advertising is mainly to make up for the shortcomings of other advertising media. It is faced with a mobile audience. It is impossible to choose the type of audience. Therefore, it is characterized by pedestrians who are likely to be everywhere and closer to the public than other media. However, public contact is often unintentional action, short time, long distance, and can not accurately measure its effect, so the advertising memory should be simple, bright, bright, attractive, highlighting the characteristics of the product to attract the attention of pedestrians. Outdoor advertising also has the characteristics of scarcity of advertising space. The number of prime locations for outdoor advertising in each city is limited, making it difficult to reproduce the best advertising space, while outdoor advertising lasts for several years. Just like Coca-Cola's advertising space in Times Square, it has not moved for 70 years since 1935. Outdoor advertising costs are not high in prime locations, and effective advertising must be published at your own expense. To do this, we must pay attention to harmony.

The development of the market has made great progress in the advertising light box industry in Chongqing, but few people pay attention to the changes in the nature of advertising light boxes. In the course of many years of development, the technology and raw materials of advertising light boxes are constantly changing to provide better services to customers. At present, most of the profiles selected for the production of advertising light boxes on the market are aluminum profiles, and some are stainless steel. Although most customers prefer to choose ultra-thin advertising light boxes made of stainless steel, a large part of the reason is due to the influence of traditional light boxes, on the other hand, due to the significant grade of stainless steel. In fact, those who really know how to choose an aluminum profile advertising light box have their own advantages. First of all, aluminum profiles have the same refined appearance as stainless steel. Like stainless steel, aluminum profiles do not rust, but stainless steel only emits light, but aluminum profiles are closer to silver. Second, aluminum profiles are more durable than stainless steel; , aluminum profiles have more choices. Documents: natural color, flash silver, black, gold, etc., can be satisfied.

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