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Main features of soft film Light box
- 2019-04-04-

      Soft film Light BoxIs a common type of advertising light box, it can be used in outdoor environment, can also be used indoors, it has a good display effect, its installation and long service life is a good advantage, which is why the light box is so popular.

Soft film light box using double ink UV spraying, no volatile toxic and harmful gases. Strong stereoscopic sense, bright and lasting color. It can be kept in color indoors for up to 10 years, or it can be used outdoors. Under backlit lighting, you can display indoor advertising images to the fullest, so that your products quickly attract the attention of customers. Importantly, it can change picture information at any time, simple and quick to install. The light box has the characteristics of waterproof, antibacterial, energy saving, rich color, excellent anti-aging performance and so on. Combined with the current UV environmental protection inkjet technology, color fastness up to 4-5 years, is the ideal decorative materials for decorative enterprises. Can choose a variety of colors for careful collocation design, suitable for a variety of occasions, a wide range of uses. For example, it can be installed on walls, wooden sides, steel structures, gypsum walls, etc. Suitable for installation of various building structures. Because the surface of the light box is coated with a soft film, it is called a soft film light box. If used properly, indoor advertising paintings can be vividly displayed.

Soft film light box cloth has reached the fire standards of many countries. UK, US and national standards. Domestic fire standards for the B1 level. Simply put, general building materials (such as wood, gypsum boards and metal ceilings) exposed to high temperatures or burning can spread fire and heat to other places. However, when the soft film smallpox burns, it can only melt through itself and shrink in a matter of seconds until it leaves the source of the fire and then automatically stops, without releasing harmful gases or solutions that cause damage to the human body or property. Soft film flat top surface is made according to the film Curtain. If you look closely at the surface, you will find many bump lines. This is to enhance the refraction of the lamp. Therefore, we strongly recommend that users install wall lamps to enhance the effect. This method can reduce the number of light sources. Secondly, the essence of soft film smallpox is made of PVC material, which can greatly improve the insulation performance and reduce the loss of indoor temperature, especially in places where air conditioning is often required. The principle is the same as when divers wear diving suits to delay body temperature for seawater loss.

Soft film light box installation is more convenient. For example, soft film light boxes can be mounted directly on walls, wood, steel and wood walls and are suitable for a variety of building structures. In addition, the keel of the flexible film light box can be fixed evenly to a certain distance with screws. In the soft film light box throughout the installation process, there will be no harmful solvents volatile, there will be no dust falling, will not cause pollution to other objects in the space, will not affect people's daily life and work. If the soft film light box wants to have a good use process and installation operation, then we must choose a regular manufacturer to purchase this type of light box. It not only guarantees the quality and performance of the light box, but also has many different styles to choose from. When you select the appropriate light box, you must clean the mounting position when installing the light box to ensure that there is not too much dust nearby. If dust enters the light box, it will affect the publicity effect of the light box.


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