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Good benefits of Chongqing ultra-thin light box
- 2019-04-30-

Chongqing ultra-thin light box is famous for its thinness . It is widely used in major stations and some commercial environments. The thickness of the light box can be two or three centimeters thick and the quality is light. It is very suitable for product promotion. At present, this type The light boxes have been recognized by major merchants and are widely used.

Chongqing ultra-thin light box is a high-tech product that combines light guide technology with digital printing technology. It uses ordinary fluorescent tubes or LEDs as the light source, and uses a variety of frame materials to create a new multi-functional advertising light box. The light box is a new type of light box with a unique light guiding technology, using ordinary fluorescent tubes or LEDs as the light source. It is thin, bright, uniform and economical. It combines the advantages of ultra-thin, fashion, energy saving, uniform illumination, simple installation and maintenance, and is suitable for any commercial location. The ultra-thin light box is a new type of light box developed based on the production principle of liquid crystal display and LCD TV backlight technology. Widely used in automobile and underwear brand chain stores. The ultra-thin light boxes of the terminal stores of large-scale electrical appliance manufacturers not only meet the needs of day and night, but also have bright colors. More than 70% energy saving than traditional light boxes. In line with government energy conservation and environmental protection requirements, reduce costs and create good advertising efficiency.

Generally speaking, the ultra-thin light box is a single-sided light box, and the double-sided ultra-thin light box is rarely used. Ultra-thin light boxes have the advantages that traditional light boxes (blister light boxes, laboratory light boxes) do not have. The light box frame is made of aluminum and has a width of 2.5-6 cm. It can be opened from all sides. It is convenient to change the picture of the light box. The light source uses LED or T5, H light. More than 70% energy saving than traditional light boxes. Advanced lighting technology makes lighting more concentrated, efficient, and energy-saving, meeting government energy conservation and environmental protection requirements. Uniform illumination, comfort, softness and high brightness enhance the advertising effect of the product. A traditional light box is equipped with a row of fluorescent tubes. The picture is uneven, and it is prone to "rib" phenomenon, which affects the advertising effect.

The thickness of the ultra-thin light box in Chongqing is only controlled at 2-3 cm because it is equipped with a high-density material-nano-light guide. Such a light guide plate requires only a small amount of light to make the light-emitting surface of the entire board uniform, and does not require too high brightness. In general, LED strips that are visible on the market are available. Combined with the structural principle of the LED lamp and the light guide plate, the ultra-thin light box is not only superior in thickness to the conventional light box, but also consumes energy-saving and environmentally-friendly LED as a light source, so the power consumption is very small. A 100x80cm slim light box consumes only one 25W bulb. Light box specifications have uniform specifications, can also be customized according to business needs, uniform specifications of ultra-thin light boxes, so that manufacturers can store a certain amount of inventory, time is very valuable for customers, if customers have this demand, and do not want to delay too Long waiting time, then before that, there is a uniform specification of light box inventory, which greatly improves the delivery efficiency. Late after-sales service provides a guarantee of superiority.


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