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Rab light box

Rab light box

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Rab light boxes are popular advertising light boxes on the market. This light box has an elegant atmosphere and a first class texture. Laboratory light boxes are widely used in indoor and outdoor signs, large-scale exhibition projects or exhibitions, shopping malls, banks, hotels, airports, high-speed railways, subways, stations, bus stations and other lamps. Laboratory light boxes are typically made of aluminum as a frame and high-brightness LED materials as edge illumination. Laboratory light box specifications are also available in different sizes such as 7 cm, 9 cm, 12 cm, and 17 cm. The planning structure of the four-sided cover or slide is generally adopted. The transportation cost of pulling the light box on the market is still relatively high. The light box is characterized by a common selection of structural solutions, the use of thicker light box cloth, the use of certain anti-oxidation and acid and alkali resistance, in some harsh environments can still be used for a long time. The key difference between a laboratory and a wired light box is their service life and environment.

The light box saves 20% of the electricity for reuse, so its consumption and a certain capital cost are relatively low compared to conventional light boxes. Moreover, this unique light box has a long service life because it has a certain maintenance effect, unlike a conventional light box, which only has a light tube, and has a short service life, which also simplifies the loss of funds to a certain extent. Finally, this unique laboratory light box is ultra-thin and super bright and comes in many different designs. In a way, its canvas replacement is also more convenient, bringing great convenience to customers, but also making people love it more.

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