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Card light box

Card light box

Product Details

Product details

l, material: the outer frame material is opened with 6063# international industrial grade aluminum material;

2, Appearance: advanced borderless design, the front is boundless, the thickness of the light box is 12cm; the parts can be sent to all parts of the country for rapid assembly and use;

3, color: the regular color is silver;

4. Light source: The energy-saving light source for LED light box independently developed by our factory. The service life of the light source is over 100,000 hours. This excellent quality has achieved high brightness, low power consumption, no dark area and no ribs. The light strip has been moulded. Fixed, easy to operate, easy to install, safe to use;

5, screen: use elastic cloth, woven fabric, soft film ceiling and other materials to sew silicone strips, you can quickly change the screen.

6. Effect: The light source is neatly arranged and beautiful; the circuit structure is simple and safe; the screen adopts advanced UV printing technology, which emphasizes the cone of color and authenticity, and also ensures the long-term use of the screen. Good way to present;

7. Applicable occasions: It is used in various small and medium-sized light boxes indoors and outdoors.

Chongqing Kabu Lightbox is mainly used for product display in various exhibitions and shopping malls. It can be displayed on the ground or on the wall. It is sturdy, safe and beautiful. Applicable to the installation of special facilities such as exhibitions and advertising media exhibitions. Cable light boxes are favored by more and more advertisers for their high definition, convenient operation and beautiful appearance. The cable light box is mainly composed of an aluminum profile frame, an LED light pole, a light box backboard, a power supply and a screen. The card light box is easy to install, eliminating the hassle of producing steel and stainless steel in the past. The edge of the light box is made of aluminum and can be divided into 2.5cm, 4cm, 6cm, 8cm and 10cm profiles. Diffuse energy-saving lamps can also be combined according to the size of the light box, the rhythm is even, and the service life of the lamp can reach 30,000 hours (about 50 watts per square meter of light box). The UV screen can be used for outdoor UV protection and fading resistance.

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