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Chongqing scrolling light box

Chongqing scrolling light box

Product Details

Product details

1. Name: Shang Baoyi Digital Intelligent Timed Scroll Light Box

2, the brand: Shangbao

3. Material: The frame is made of international industrial grade aluminum material, the panel is made of 5mm tempered glass, and the thickness of the light box is 13cm;

4, size: scrolling system control screen size is 1-18m2; /5, function: rolling system through the remote control panel operation, can adjust the timing switch machine, timing scrolling, each painting can adjust the dwell time separately;

6, other functions: multiple rolling systems can achieve synchronous operation waterproof: designed for wind and rain, open mold, with acid and alkali resistant special strip, applicability, strong shock resistance: seismic performance, high stability: rolling system installation Simple, easy to install and stable in operation;

7, energy consumption: energy saving

8. Light source: The Shangbao brand LED light box dedicated TV energy-saving backlight source independently developed by Shangbao Lightbox Factory, the service life of the light source is more than 50,000 hours. This excellent quality has achieved high brightness, low power consumption, no dark area, no ribs. The light bar has been fixed by moulding, simple operation, convenient installation and safe use.

Chongqing rolling light box is mainly loved by the majority of merchants because of its thin, uniform and power-saving advantages. The main advantages of rolling light box are as follows: Mandatory: Rolling light box advertisement has the characteristics of wide distribution of outlets, strong audience acceptance and small interference. Liquidity: The rolling light box advertisement is mainly located on the main road of the city, and the route is fixed. When the audience moves, the content of the scrolling lightbox advertisement will appear repeatedly in the audience's mind, which will greatly increase the number of audiences and the frequency of contact. Public interest: Rolling lightbox advertising is actually part of the urban look. It makes scrolling lightbox advertising a landscape that makes people feel better. Therefore, the pleasant scrolling light box advertisement is of great benefit to beautifying the urban appearance environment and improving the corporate image and popularity. Long-term: Rolling light box advertising has a relatively long time, with stainless steel structure, wide plexiglass shape, modern lighting and synchronous scrolling effect, the advantage is stronger than the traditional advertising form.

There are generally three types of wire mesh materials for Chongqing rolling light boxes: one is a back-blow lamp, the other is a polypropylene synthetic paper, and the third is an inner light cloth. The rear blown light is what you call the portrait. It paints pictures with high definition and high light transmission, but the picture quality is heavy and the price is high. In general, the second option is to make a scrolling light box. One of the largest specifications is 1.5M.PP synthetic paper, which is the PP back glue on the market (note that the rolling light box can not be back glue), the picture material is light, the clarity can basically meet the requirements, the price is cheap, so there is generally no special requirement. The preferred choice for rolling light boxes is PP synthetic glue. Scientific Papers. The largest specification in one direction is also 1.5M. The inner lamp cloth, the largest specification in the direction above is 1.5M, there is no other material choice, only the lamp cloth, its specifications can be large and cheap, but the light transmittance of the lamp cloth is not high, and it is relatively soft, rolling effect Not good. As good as the above two materials, but due to the limitations of the specifications, there is no choice.

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