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Led light box

Led light box

Product Details

The continuous flashing of the led light box combined with the staying effectively improves the visual impact of people and improves the utilization ratio of the advertising unit area. The advertising effect and the effect of changing the light box and the rolling light box are self-evident. LED advertising light boxes combine the advantages of neon lights. It can flash around the clock. The combination of static and dynamic has attracted people's attention. Various texts and patterns are jumped in order, alternately reflected, and have a strong visual impact. Satisfy the viewer's visual experience and promote the maximum economic benefits for advertisers. LED electronic flashing box will become a bright pearl of the future dynamic light box of the advertising industry. The light source of the LED light box also differs depending on the different light sources required for the light box. For single-sided light boxes, it is recommended to use curtain light poles. The brightness can be selected according to the different positions where the light box is located. If the indoor light box uses 2835 light bars with medium brightness, if it is an outdoor light box, 5730 brightness lights with higher brightness can be selected. At the same time, outdoor light boxes should be waterproof. Waterproof curtain lights are recommended. When the thickness of the light box is less than 8cm, 3030 diffuse reflector poles can be selected, which can effectively save costs and improve efficiency.

Advantages of advertising led light boxes:

1. The LED light box adopts ultra-thin design;

2, using high-quality LED light source, the light box is reliable and durable for a long time, long service life and low maintenance cost;

3, the design is diversified, the flashing mode is flexible and changeable, and the advertising effect is more prominent;

4, low-voltage DC power supply, power saving, safety, aluminum alloy frame, safety and environmental protection.

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