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Chongqing Lightbox

Chongqing Lightbox

Product Details

Product details

1. Material: The outer frame material is molded with 6063 international industrial grade aluminum. The light box cover has a width of 60 mm and a thickness of 60 mm;

2, Appearance: internal and external frame reinforcement structure design, the frame is designed with curvature; the conventional color is silver and black, other colors need to be customized; the parts can be sent to all parts of the country for rapid assembly and use;

3. Opening method: the cover and the frame are connected by the track shrapnel, the four sides are easy to open and easy to take, the picture is convenient to replace, and the installation is simple;

4. Plate: The panel is made of 2 plexiglass clips, and the back panel is made of aluminum-plastic panel.

5. Light source: The energy-saving backlight source for LED light box independently researched and developed by our factory. The service life of the light source is over 100,000 hours. This excellent quality has achieved high brightness, low power consumption, no dark area and no ribs. The light strip has been moulded. The method is fixed, the operation is simple, the installation is convenient, and the use is safe;

6, reflective film: In order to achieve the best brightness, the development of high-reflection film, increase the brightness of about 30%;

7. Effect: The light source is neatly arranged and beautiful; the circuit structure is simple and safe; the screen adopts the grade-level UV printing technology, which emphasizes the saturation and authenticity of the color, and also ensures the long-term use of the screen. Good way to present.

8, practical for indoor and outdoor small light boxes;

9. The materials used in the light box can be recycled and reused, and the light source meets environmental protection requirements;

10. It is recommended to make a light box with a size of 1200X2400mm or less. The maximum size can be 1200X3200mm.

The types of light boxes in Chongqing include card light boxes, cloth light boxes, sign light boxes, rolling light boxes, ultra-thin light boxes, plastic light boxes, acrylic light boxes, and light boxes for waiting rooms. The main difference between these types of light boxes is the difference in materials. The structure of the light box is roughly the same, both LED strips, aluminum profile side frames and screens. There is also a very special electronic light box. Usually used in smoke hotels and commercial signs, arranged with LED straw hat beads and flashed. An important principle of lightbox advertising design is that the entire picture, and even the entire facility, should be as simple as possible. The design should be unique, always adhere to the principle of being small and refined, and try to leave enough imagination for the audience. We should know that consumer attention to advertising is inversely proportional to the amount of information on the screen. The more complex the image, the more confusing the audience is; the simpler the picture, the higher the value of consumer attention, which is a simple and effective function.

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