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Slim light box

Slim light box

Product Details

Product details

1. Material: The outer frame material is molded with 6063 international industrial grade aluminum material;

2. Specifications: The width of the light box cover is 40mm and the thickness is 30mm;

3. Appearance: The inner and outer frames are reinforced with structural design, and the frame is made of water chestnut design to reflect: high-end, atmospheric, and high-grade brand routes;

4, color: brushed gold, brushed silver, brushed sapphire, brushed iron gray, black;

5. Opening method: the cover and the frame are connected by rail shrapnel, which is easy to install and convenient to replace.

6. Luminous board: The uniform board is used for anti-flower treatment, which protects the light box from being produced and installed. After power-on, there is no watermark, clearer and more transparent. The panel adopts organic panel clip drawing mode, and the back board adopts KT board;

7. Light source: The light source adopts Shangbao high-brightness LED energy-saving special light strip;

8. Applicable occasions: It can be used in small indoor light boxes, and can also make 60mm thick double-sided light boxes;

9, the recommended size is less than 1200X2400mm;

10. The materials used in the light box can be recycled and reused, and the light source meets environmental protection requirements.

The thickness of the ultra-thin light box in Chongqing can be 1.5 cm, 2.8 cm, 3 cm, 4.2 cm, 5 cm, and 6 cm. The light box consists of three parts: light guide plate, frame structure and light source; light guide plate: uniform light, high efficiency, energy saving, long life and small footprint, which can be used in various advertising manufacturing industries. The outer frame structure part: the outer frame of the ultra-thin light box is opened with an aluminum alloy profile. Its main feature is that the aluminum profile is beneficial to the heat transfer of the light box, achieving long-term use and reducing maintenance. Aluminum profiles can be processed by spraying, baking varnish, oxidation, etc., to meet the various needs of customers. Its open features make it easy to change pictures and maintenance. It changes the frequent and inconvenient maintenance of traditional light boxes when replacing pictures. Light box light source part: Ultra-thin light box adopts brand LED light bar light source, small size, bright, complete specifications, reliable quality, after-sales guarantee, suitable for all kinds of ultra-thin light box specifications.

Chongqing ultra-thin light box is a new type of light box based on LCD production principle and LCD TV backlight technology. Widely used in automobile specialty stores and underwear brand chain stores. The ultra-thin light boxes of large appliance manufacturers' terminal stores not only meet the needs of day and night, but also have bright colors. Compared with traditional light boxes, it saves more than 70%. It meets the requirements of the government for energy conservation and environmental protection, reduces costs and creates good advertising benefits. Efficient use of light box light source is more than 70% energy saving than traditional light box, which can greatly reduce operating costs and meet the requirements of government energy conservation and environmental protection. Uniform and comfortable light intensity, soft and high brightness, lighting up the advertising effect of the product. The traditional light box is equipped with a row of fluorescent tubes, and the picture is uneven. It is prone to "ribs" and affects the effectiveness of advertising.

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